Proxima Centauri DIY star release

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Grab your slow and steady red

Steady Red is now available!

Want a little piece of the universe? Ever wanted to look up close to a star without getting burnt?

Slow and Steady Red is our product name for Proxima Centauri, the second closest star to Earth (the Sun being the first).

Steady Red is yours to own and make with our free and easy to follow DIY star template, but before you grab that, find out about more about Steady Red from our product page and find out why Red is Slow and Steady.


New free e-Showbag

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It’s been a long time coming…

Cosmic caboodle free showbag

…but at last we are proud to announce our free e-Showbag giveaway

for people who subscribe to a bit of Cosmic Caboodle fun. You’ll get all the best that Cosmic Caboodle has to offer in one convenient hit. It includes:

  • Your very own Sizzler black hole – see what happens to the aliens who enter it
  • Spot the difference alien style
  • Space cartoons – just because it’s fun to laugh
  • Word search for the craters of planet Mars
  • Cross word to test your knowledge on the solar system
  • Black hole drawing experiment from the safety of your home

Simply enter your email below and start enjoying the wonders of the universe in your very own home.