The ultimate experiment book for kids

Ever wondered how aliens are made? Well I have and now I know the answer and would love to share it with you

Greetings, my name is Maximus Jones, 

scientist, explorer, school kid and all round legend.

Through scientific research I have discovered how to make your very own alien friend and I’ll share it with you in my secret experiment book. All it takes is the right ingredients and…

How to make an alien is inspired by science and a splash of imagination. A blend of fact and fiction, it will peek your natural curiosity for wanting to understand how things work. If you like outer space and all its wonders, then you’ll love this book

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As a bonus, the Apple book comes with free multi-touch games to play.

Here’s what people have said about the book

The long-awaited DIY guide to alien-making is here. Guaranteed to banish those I’m-bored-mum blues, this stupendous piece of creativity comes with bonus mind-stretching and imagination development.  Martina’s cult following among those who fancy being known as the parent of a future Einstein is well-deserved.

“How to make an alien” is the best fun in the universe.

Ivana, Australia

I always wanted to know what a black hole really was…doesn’t everyone?  Now thanks to you Martina I think I have an idea and I will know if I feel one near by. Well done for entertaining the adults as well as the children with fun facts wrapped in an amazing imaginative game that comes to life in colourful cosmic illustrations.

Claire, Switzerland 

I still haven’t convinced you? Then try before you buy. Download my free How to make an Alien Activity Book for iPad. It will give you a feel for the fun inside of this book.

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